Ten Top Tips for Women in the Industry

The peerless Miranda Curtis, Liberty Global board director and the most successful woman in European cable history, gave her top tips for women in the industry at the recent launch of the WICT European chapter in Amsterdam.

1. Get involved in the technology-side of the business

2. Become familiar with P&L statements and take responsibility for them

3. Volunteer for new and developing projects in the business

4. Be prepared to travel so you can meet colleagues in different locations

5. Play to your strengths and build teams around you that complement you well

6. Make yourself heard at board meetings by establishing your credentials before you’ve even sat down and by clearing your throat loudly before you speak, and then speak quietly so that everyone has to lean in to hear you

7. Capitalize on your differences – whether that be your gender, your age or something else

8. Move to roles that give you a chance to work on strategy and M&A

9. Know your value so that you acquire the confidence to ensure you are paid the same as your male peers

10. Support other women